St Michael's, Horton

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History - Scawens and Horton

Horton was described in 1806 in "Magna Britannia" as follows:

HORTON, in the hundred of Stoke and deanery of Burnham, lies about a mile to the south of Colnbrook. The manor was anciently in the Windsor family, who continued to possess it several generations. In 1658, it became the property by purchase of Robert Scawen, whose great-grandson James Scawen esq. sold it in 1782. After two or three intermediate conveyances, it was purchased in 1794, by the late Thomas Williams esq. M.P. whose son, Owen Williams esq. M.P. is the present proprietor. The manor-house, a large mansion, which had been a seat of the Scawens, was pulled down a few years ago, excepting a small part, which is occupied by cottagers.

In the parish church is a heavy monument, without any inscription, intended for some of the Scawen family, and the tomb of Milton's mother, who died in 1637. That great poet passed much time in his younger years at Horton, where his parents then resided. Mr. Williams is patron of the rectory. The parish has been inclosed by an act of parliament, which passed in 1799, when an allotment of land was assigned to the rector in lieu of tithes.